Qascom S.r.l. (hereinafter "Qascom") protects the confidentiality of personal data and guarantees it receives the necessary protection against any event that could put it at risk of violation. As provided for by European Union Regulation No. 679/2016 (hereinafter “GDPR”) and Article 13 in particular, please find below the information required by law relating to the processing of your personal data.

Who we are and what data we process (Article 13, paragraph 1 (a), Article 15 (b) GDPR)

Qascom, hereby represented by its pro tempore legal representative, with registered offices at Via O. Marinali 87 Bassano del Grappa acts as the Data Controller and can be contacted at; it collects and/or receives information relating to the data subject, such as:


Category of data Examples of types of data

Contact details first name, last name, street address, nationality, province and municipality of residence, landline telephone number and/or mobile phone number, fax, national ID number, email address(es)

Why we need your data (Art. 13, paragraph 1 GDPR)

The data is used by the Data Controller to fulfill the registration request and for the supply contract on the pre-selected Service and/or Product purchase, to manage and execute the contact requests forwarded by you, offer assistance, fulfill legal and regulatory obligations demanded of the -Data Controller in accordance with the activities performed. In no case shall Qascom resell any of your personal information to third parties nor use it for any purpose not stated.


In particular, your data will be processed for:

a) registration to the workshop and contact information, and/or informational materials

Your personal data is processed to implement preliminary actions and those following a registration request, to manage information and contact requests, and/or to send informational materials, as well as to satisfy any and all other obligations arising herewith.

The legal basis for this processing is to provide the services relating to a request for registration, information and contact, and/or the sending of informational materials, and to comply with legal requirements.

b) administering the contractual relationship

Your personal data is processed to implement preliminary actions and those following the purchase of a Service and/or a Product, to manage the applicable order, to perform the Service itself and/or for production and/or shipping of the purchased Product, the associated invoicing and payment management, handling of any returns and/or notifications to the support service and performance of the support itself, fraud prevention, as well as fulfillment of any and all other requirements arising from the contract.

The legal basis for this processing is to provide the services relating to the contractual relationship and to comply with legal requirements



How we process your data (Article 32, GDPR)

The Data Controller make use of appropriate security measures to preserve the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your

personal data, and require the same security measures from third-party providers and the Processors.


Where we process your data

Your data is stored in hard copy, electronic and remote archives located in countries where the GDPR is applicable (EU countries).

How long is your data stored? (Article 13, paragraph 2 (a) GDPR)

Unless you explicitly express your own desire to remove it, your personal data will be stored until required for the due purposes for which it was collected. In particular, the data will be stored for the entire duration of your registration and in any case not beyond a maximum period of 12 (twelve) months of inactivity, that is, if within this time period no Products and/or Services are active and associated with these registration details. For data provided to the Data Controller for the purposes of business promotion for services other than those you have already purchased, for which you initially gave consent, it will be stored for 24 months, except when such consent is withdrawn.

For data provided to the Data Controller for the purposes of profiling, it will be stored for 12 months, again except when consent has been withdrawn.

Please also note that, should a user send Qascom personal data that has not been requested or that is unnecessary for the purposes of performing the services requested, or for the performance of strictly connected services, Qascom may not be considered the controller of this data and will arrange for the deletion of such data as quickly as possible. Regardless of your decision to remove the data, your personal information will be, in any case, stored according to the terms outlined in current law and/or national regulations, for the exclusive purpose of guaranteeing specific requirements, applicable to certain Services.

Furthermore, personal data shall in any case be stored to comply with obligations (e.g. for tax and accounting purposes) which may continue even after termination of the contract (Art. 2220 Civil Code); for these purposes, the Data Controller shall retain only the data necessary to complete these activities.

For those cases where the rights arising from the contract and/or registration are used in the courts, your personal data, exclusively required for these purposes, shall be processed for the time necessary to complete them.