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The Robustness and Assurance of Aerospace and Aeronautics navigation system has been one of the top priorities since the early days of navigation and positioning systems. Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) has been a revolution for its global availability of position and time, as well as for its accuracy and integrity performances. It is estimated that approximately 7% of the European GDP depends on satellite navigation applications, including aviation, maritime, rail, road, energy, telecommunications and financial services. On the other side, robustness and assurance in navigation is an open issue that has yet to be solved within the GNSS domain. Cyberattack and cyberwarfare protection systems have been developed for both receivers and applications, integrating sophisticated algorithms or advanced antennas, and finally coupling with alternative navigation systems. The well known GNSS limitations have raised developments for context awareness detection systems, capable to alert and geolocate sources of interference and attacks. To date, Robust Positioning and Time (RPNT) is still one of the hardest challenges for GNSS.

In the meantime multi-constellation is now a reality; interoperability, multi-GNSS, SBAS and GBAS integration are the top choices for assurance and integrity. Galileo is now an operational service, with a number of services that have been implemented for robust and trusted PNT. Of our particular interest for this workshop are the Galileo PRS service, designed for Governmental access and control, the upcoming Galileo Open Service Navigation Message Authentication (OSNMA) and the Galileo Commercial Service (CS). OSNMA will provide authentication of the navigation data, in order to determine in the receiver if the data used for processing was produced by the satellites or falsified. The Galileo CS will enable authentication and access control by enabling signal encryption. The NavSpace 2019 workshop will focus on how multi GNSS, GNSS integration with other technologies and the upcoming Galileo services can enhance ground, aeronautics and space applications.

Which are the top priorities for space robustness, assurance and cybersecurity protection? Which technologies are available to date for detection, mitigation, resilience and response? What are the solutions for the future, and where is the entire space cybersecurity market heading? These and other topics will be considered in the two days workshop. The workshop is organized in 4 major streams: Algorithms and techniques, GNSS Applications, space mission and services updates and technological solutions.

The participation to the workshop is free for invited guests and speakers. Number of participants is limited. Participation confirmation is based on first-come-first-served basis, priority is given to the sponsoring entities.

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